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🏍️ The p3x-redis-ui-server package motor that is will be connected to the p3x-redis-ui-material web user interface.

This is a development package 

For the full-blown package, please follow:

This is part of a composable p3x-redis-ui package. This is the server based on Socket.IO (no rest at all).
The server will be using the p3x-redis-ui-material web client package based on built with Webpack, Socket.IO and AngularJs Material.
This package is named as p3x-redis-ui-server.


Until Electron NodeJs version is below v10.13.0, we disabled https2 and use https.


For now, there are 2 configuration files:

p3xrs --config ./p3xrs.json

The 2nd configuration is the list of the connections if found in p3xrs.json it either in the config:

p3xrs.json/p3xrs.connections['home-dir'] = undefined|home|absolute|relative 

The best is to keep it undefined and it will be in your home dir, but you can choose any place as well.

For development standalone 

npm run run

It uses nodemon and when any file is changed, it will re-load it.

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