This is a Linux OneNote.

Actually, the preferred installation is the AppImage and you do not even need to install NodeJs at all.

Issues are on the bottom of this README.

Screenshot 1

Downloadable installer


After you downloaded the AppImage, you still want to make it executable:

chmod +x p3x-onenote-a.b.c-d-x86_64.AppImage
# then

Then it works as expected.


It is important, that you check the Keep me signed in checkbox when you enter your password and then choose some page (not notebook!!!, PAGE :) after you logged in, otherwise if will not save your login. If so, then you will be always logged in.

You can find it in Atom Apps as well


CLI Install

The CLI Install is DEPRECATED entirely!

Please, do not use anymore.

The old method is problematic

The CLI install is not always working because of some Linux distros are different by time to time, so it is possible then, the configstore is only working with sudo, so the preferred way is to use the released AppImage as above!

Besides, you do not even need to install NodeJs, the AppImage includes everything all you need.

# this is some weird NPM error, you need like this:
node -v
# make sure it is above 8.9.0!!!
sudo npm install -g p3x-onenote --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root

After last startup and you logout and login again, you will have a menu.


  • GNOME menu (~/.local/share/applications/p3x-onenote.desktop)
  • Icon
  • Tray
  • Restart button (empty your cache, you can login again if there is an error)
  • Remember last notebook
  • Show / hide
  • Quit
  • Loads last visibility state


  • Now, there is a menu Corporate home

Some info about P3X Onenote vs VirtualBox

If you have enough RAM or buffy workstation and you can install VirtualBox inside Windows and use the Marketplace based OneNote or install Office. I think, you do not need p3x-onenote at all.

For my workstation, with a 4.8Ghz CPU, 4 cores, 32 GB-ram, I use VirtualBox on Windows with Office Onenote (I use 6 GB RAM, 4 cores), but unfortunately my Laptop is old and has only 16GB RAM. Given, I develop a lot (NodeJs), I need the RAM, so for my Laptop, I use p3x-onenote and it's enough. Once the pages are loaded. It is fast, since it's own process without a browser and is in the tray, you don't have to re-load everything again. So it is very usable and after all pages are loaded, quick.

You can try, you loose nothing.


You cannot log in

I think it only happens, if you kill the P3X OneNote Linux and you then login again a lot. So, if you test and/or kill the program often, to be safe , sign out, it is on the top right (inside the Electron browser frame itself).


If you properly quit from p3x-onenote with the menu or the tray, then this problem will never happen.

Latest Gnome with dash-to-panel

Right now, for some weird, the new latest Gnome, with dash-to-panel they removed the legacy tray icons or changed so that with Electron (as well many programs, including Skype ) is not working with the real original tray. This is not an Electron or p3x-onenote issue, but the Gnome dash-to-panel problem.
Probably it is too new, they will fix it, I think.



Change language

Right now, with online, it reverts even though on the main page I changed, but once it goes to do the actual pages - it reverts. There is an investigation.


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