By now, the whole build system is automated. This is just for historical documentary.

First save the existing packages 

  • SSH into the router
# this is my own script but you can get the installed packages with some hacking
# this is good if you want your own firmware
# that builds all packages you now have 
opkg list-installed > opkg-list-installed.txt
  • mc
    • via Midnight Commander you add to your repo via shell patrikx3@{router-name}
  • Copy the opkg-list-installed.txt file to {router-name}/opkg-list-installed.txt as well

Make the raw firmware 

By now, it is using faster with the helpers above, but below you can do it by hand to change everything easy.

Build All packages 

You start with:


Make sure you know there are already build docker images, so you don't really need it.

The same, if you have a server instead cdn.corifeus.com, you can change it at wish.

There is a newer mwlwifi faster, newer package, they are in openwrt-insomnia/patches, you can copy them safely into the /build/source.

  • Target System

    • Marvell Armada EBU Armada => Linksys WRT Multiple
    • Broadcom BCM27xx => RPI 3
  • Subtarget

    • Marvell Armada 37x/38x/XP => Linksys WRT Multiple
    • BCM2710 64bit based boards => RPI 3
  • Target Profile

    • Multiple devices => Linksys WRT Multiple
    • Raspberrry Pi 3B => RPI 3
  • Global build settings

    • Select all target specific packages by default
    • Select all kernel module packages by default
    • Select all userspace packages by default
    • Set build defaults for automatic builds

For multiple Linksys WRT go back to and select what is you want

  • Target Devices (for now is only Linksys WRT Multiple)

    • Enable all profiles by default - UNCHECK
    • Use a per-device root filesystem that add profile packages
    • Linksys WRT1900ACS
    • Linksys WRT3200ACM
  • Build the OpenWrt Image Build

    • Include package repositories
  • Image configuration - ENTER

  • Languages

    • Node.js
      • node
        • Configuration
          • Version Selection
            • 10.x
      • SELECT ALL
  • Libraries

    • libavahi-compat-libdnssd (*)
  • Network

    • Web Servers/Proxies
      • apache
        • Configuration
          • Enable HTTP2
      • nginx
        • select all CONFIGURATION
          • check all
  • Utililties

    • mc --->
      • Configuration
        • enable internal editor UNCHECK
  • Exit

  • YES

Copy the .config file to {router-name}/source/.config

In an another terminal you can increase the buidling 

# for me using multiple cores the main build I always get errors, so I always use just 1 core
# I do this instead
# find out the PID
watch 'ps -aux | grep "make\|m4\|cc1"'
# end just to do this
sudo renice -20 -u 1000
# for docker I also added renice, I checked out the dockerd pid and I added in
ps -aux | grep dockerd
# you get the PID
sudo renice -20 10728 # this was the dockerd PID
openwrt Insomnia
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