Node v8.0.0 is broken (encrypt/write) - decrypt/read works, it is fixed in 8.1.0.


You do not have to use all versions, once you have decrypted a folder, you can right away use the latest version (make sure you use the latest NodeJs 🌈 ).

Breaking change v1.1 

The method of using password is changed. Now, it is a bit more secure. Even if you use 2 characters, it will create a 128 characters long password. A bit more secure. To use the old versions, you can decrypt it with v1.0.12-7, then encrypt with v1.1+.

Breaking change v1.2 

Now, the encryption uses 512 new additional rounds with AES-256. I think, it will a bit slower to break. Imagine AES-256 * 512. :) You can decrypt the previous versions and encrypt with the v1.2 version.

Breaking change v1.3 

Additional salt included in the encrypted file. Now, you can find out your file version, so in the future, you may just use the appropriate encrypt/decrypt method. Although, same versions Major.Minor are not breaking.

Breaking change v1.5 

NPM Archiver changed to v2.0, so AES Folder is changed. Please decrypt your below 1.5 version krip file and encrypt with latest krip above 1.5.0.

Breaking change v1.6 

The encryption security of the P3X AES FOLDER is increased from 512 rounds to 2048, so you can decrypt the previous version and encrypt with v1.6. Please, use the latest NodeJs. (Older might not work with 2048 rounds.)

Breaking change v1.7 

NodeJs 9.9.0 to 9.10.0 has changed, so you are required to decrypt with 9.9.0 and encrypt with 9.10.0.

Breaking change v1.8 

In NodeJs v10 changed to require a cipher initialization vector. To update, decrypt to previous version and encrypt the latest version.

Breaking change v1.9 

I understood, that even, if I encrypt or even, when I just decrypt a folder, it actually, in the first round, it knows the password, if the password is right or wrong, so, for now, I removed the 2048 rounds, because it was useless, and still, it was slow. The change is to decrypt the last v1.8 and encrypt wit v1.9-

In the future, I create a new package as p3x-secure-folder, that will not use AES, given, AES is not secure, since today, AES is built in the CPUs itself. How could it be secure?

Breaking change in NodeJs v10.10.0 

NodeJs 10.9.0 to 10.10.0 has changed, so you are required to decrypt with 10.9.0 and encrypt with 10.10.0.

Breaking change in NodeJs v11.0.0 

NodeJs 10.12.0 to 11.0.0 has changed, so you are required to decrypt with 10.12.0 and encrypt with 11.0.0.

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