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🏛️ Corifeus Builder Angular

Built on Angular v8.1.1

See Skeleton files.

The Angular TypeScript builder (extra packages). It includes required packages for building (SCSS / TypeScript / CSS / JSON).

Works JIT, AOT and even AOT + JIT at once out of the box. You can add p3x-angular-compile to your modules to free from creating components.


For now a new TypeScript breaking update for RXJS, so I have to add this settings:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "noStrictGenericChecks": true


See tasks.

The corifeus-builder using it as a composite.

Linked NPM 

Just delete the node_modules directories from the linked modules.


--cory-run-aot          - for running it uses AOT instead of AOT
--cory-loader-off       - disable loader 
--cory-verbose          - disable uglify
--cory-webpack-target   - set the webpack target type (web, electron)

Increase speed download 

Use gzip (like 2.5MB vs 600KB).

Modules undefined 

Need to use exact classes for export instead of
export * from './something', so use
export { Something } form './something'

Example pages 


Tree shaking 

  • Always use exact import (instead of export * etc...)
  • Typescript @Types often load everything, sometimes exact require is smaller bundle, only pure TypeScript can do it or ES2015 programs
  • Externals might be good: https://webpack.js.org/guides/author-libraries/ (external)
  • For pure JavaScript, types are bigger when they load everything, require for exact functions is better
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