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🎮 Corifeus Matrix


It used to be an ERP system, but it died slowly ...
Now, it provides on GitHub microservices and apps.

Programs including 

History ... 

... is a platform for core (auth / REST / CI), CMS, commercial and enterprise resource planning.

The name of the platform.  

Code style 


Design Patterns 


web, android, ios, cli, rest, cordova, electron

Code names 

Linux, Logico, Vader, Spawn, Mafia, Insomnia, MissOut, Support, Tempo, Matrix, CIA, Amazing, Next, WwkhtmlTox, Last, Forest, Memory, Motor, Make, Prototype, Spectrum, Flap, Split, Fireball, Reverse, 2Q, Venture, Backwash, Howling, Crusoe, Tracktor, Robo8X, White Raven, Waterflood, Done, Legend, Halite, Micro, Sunday, Forty, Mafia, Hurricane, Nanometer, Elektra, Tension, Lazy, DoinIt, Fresh, Breeze, Breaking, Turbo, Underground, Q, Thunder Cluster


p3x-robot, robo8x, corifeus-server-renderer


Brown and green, like the forest and blue like the sky.

Frameworks, B2B 

Travis, Github, NPM, Docker, MIT License, Grunt, ES.NEXT, TypeScript, WebPack, ReactiveX


Composable / Pluggable / Patterns / Extensibility / De-couple / Loose-based

Corifeus Projects 

There are P3X projects as well.

🎮 Corifeus Matrix 

Wiki - Github

🖥️ Corifeus App Server P3X - Spectrum 

Wiki - Github

🕸️ Corifeus App Web Pages - Support 

Wiki - Github

🏗️ Corifeus Builder - Make 

Wiki - Github

🏛️ Corifeus Builder Angular - Prototype 

Wiki - Github

🏁 Corifeus Server - Motor 

Wiki - Github

❤️ Corifeus Utils - Memory 

Wiki - Github

🌳 Corifeus Web - Forest 

Wiki - Github

🌴 Corifeus Web Material - Amazing 

Wiki - Github


Requires minimum NodeJs v10, GIT and npm install -g npm-check-updates yarn grunt-cli

Windows / Powershell 

iwr https://raw.githubusercontent.com/patrikx3/corifeus/master/scripts/init.ps1 -UseBasicParsing | iex

# or, add credit
$cred = Get-Credential
iwr https://git.patrikx3.com/corifeus.git/raw/master/scripts/init.ps1  -Credential $cred -UseBasicParsing | iex

*nix / BSD / Bash / Curl 

curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/patrikx3/corifeus/master/scripts/init.sh | bash -
# or
curl -sL -u patrikx3 https://git.patrikx3.com/corifeus.git/raw/master/scripts/init.sh | bash -


2016. December 25.

  Bugs are evident™ - MATRIX